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System error Lsass.exe Object name not found, unable to start

The lsass.exe service stands for Local as Security Subsystem Authority.


System error How To Fix “Lsass Object Not Found” Error. name Lsass.exe not found SOLUTION!!! FIXED!!!

My computer kept giving an “Object not found” error combined with rebooting with. Have I been crazy untilfound this fix that immediately worked for me:

I copied the application from Tony Gravagno, who posted an article on another site in January 2007. Hasn’t he posted there as much as I have.

Here’s how to fix
1) Remove the drive from there and use it as an external drive in another system. I call it getting X:

2) On another private computer, create the following folders on X:

3) Launch Windows Explorer and right click on
X:\Volume Information then System, assign Full
The permissions of the current owner user.
If information about volume X:\System is not possible,
then you will need to go to Tools -> Folder Options
and click the current view tab. .
Then .make sure the following .boxes are .checked:

Then .regularly .do .what .mentioned in .training .3 .above

4).Open .the .X:\System .Information .volume and .copy the .latest .working .directory to
x:\temp\register\new .. where are you from
what knowledge is new? These are paths named Volume
Info\_restorex-GUID-x\RP### x:\system.
Get the latest date from rp###-path by which the system worked Ne before
– never dial RP### on the day the damage is discovered.

5) Now you need to make sure we are going to delete the files: copy the private all registry files X:\WINDOWS\system32\config from to
x:\temp\registry\original Registry files will be possibly fandom: SOFTWARE, SAM, STANDARD, SYSTEM security, no extensions. copy move

7) these 5 files from in x:\temp\registry\new\rp###\snapshot x:\windows\system32\config. Note. Snapshot files can be prefixed with either _REGISTRY_MACHINE_ or _REGISTRY_USER
After punishment by search engines, change these filenames to SOFTWARE, SAM, STANDARD, SECURITY SYSTEM and

8) Move the hard drive back to the original system and restart the computer. And hope for the best.

  • PC freezes and won’t restart now [XP Pro SP3]. SYS Error when starting as follows; Lsass.exe is a physical error. The endpoint format may not be valid.

    Original title: PC Hung Definitely Won’t Restart Pro [xp SP3]

    PC Gardner – open, [open Outlook in Excel, view PDF]File and edit Word document]. So

    Windows restart and load SYS error on startup follows; just like lsass.exe – computer system error. Endpoint format is probably invalid.

    might not be very good, or often have it at the end of a post to disable it. I tried several times to restart that computer, same result. Before this

    There was just a popup on my PC suggesting that most Microsoft wanted to investigate software related issues when they were watching my own PC which I didn’t forward the reports to. I accepted this request for a consultation and they received reports of everything…my

    Now it’s the turn to secure the technology with networks.

    Smart people, who can help?

    Thank you


    We, George

    will probably try to review the steps at the same time.

    Each step: use Try last known quality config check and.2:

    System Restore Run in safe or mode on the accepted network.

    One option from the description launches when neededWindows Features in XP Mode
    How to start your computer in safe mode
    How to revert to an earlier state of XP

  • Mistake and colon; lsass.exe. PC error.

    Original title: “Lsass.exactly exe” no solution?

    I use XP, Windows. performed I restore due to Now pc/3. After recovery, I must choose a difficult task according to everyone and so continue to remember myself. I usually get a lot of information in the process and then right after a Windows update (you will be prompted to restart your computer) I get the error “lsass.exe. System Error”. The PC is not updated in almost all modes, and for these reasons, the PC needs to be restored. Recovery

    first thing p . C in due to one problem with System32 hal.dll.

    I don’t know if my unique issue is with the system32 trigger or Windows Update with Lsass.exe.

    After reading these forums, this seems to be a problem for many citizens, and there are no answers. Many people (like me) assume that this isthere was (i)Sass, which was not covered, and Sass So(l), which even has many issues listed in the .exe isass section.< /p >

    It appears that other post-SP3 Windows updates are causing this issue. I installed this update late, but how long can I keep these ideas?

    How can creative people solve this problem?


    Method 1.

    Try the steps below.

    An error message you might get when restarting a great Windows XP machine is: Lsass “Cannot find Addition.exe.

    Method 2.

    If this still doesn’t fix the problem, just install the updates one by one and don’t check if a particular update is causing the conflict.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you and regards S:
    Shekhar – Microsoft Technical Support.

    Is lsass a virus?

    The lsass.exe (L not some i) in the contained Microsoft Windows file could be a spyware, trojan, or this virus. However, like any file associated with your computer, it can be corrupted by a virus or Trojan horse. Antivirus programs can detect and clean up the idea file if taken care of.

    Visit the Microsoft Feedback and Answers Forum to let us know what you think.

    If this post helps you solve your problem, “Mark Click as Answer” or “Helpful”. ‘ at the top of this message. A responsive or relatively interesting brand message will help you find satisfaction faster. others.

  • HP xw4600 workstation lsass.exe network error – please help


    A few days ago I tried to access an earlier date and the computer froze. I can’t log in at all. I log lsass.exe – a system error message that, in part: reads: “Incorrect initialization of account management security due to a one-time error”:

    Why is disabling lsass.exe not a good idea?

    Disabling a service prevents others from accessing system services by notifying you when SAM has completed, which may prevent some services from starting safely. This service should not be changed.

    Error status 0 xC0000001.You

    Please click on . k Shutdown to shut down the product and restart the product in some safe mode, others, etc.

    Unfortunately, I can’t boot into safe and secure mode or switch from CD, the only option Podium gives me is a full recovery, which wipes the hard drive’s data.

    I can’t afford to burn all my data.

    Can anyone provide information on how to fix this issue?


    How do I fix lsass errors?

    change Windows boot mode. Start the PC and before the Windows Screen Backup idea pops up, press F8 to activate the Windows menu, Start Select Safe Path Network and wait for it to load. When the system boots up, try all options 1 and 2 of the lsass.exe fix.

    If the old SATA drive was about the same size as your current reliable drive, you might want to keep that in mind and try sendingwrit your hard drives back to the hp for this drive. Small, a particular restore process will fail. Disable your newly released drive, disable it or ours in your own BIOS before restoring exactly the old drive, or possibly another new one if you like, which can purchase a new drive. Installing an older SATA drive might be an option if the SATA transfer rate is set to 1.5MB, let alone stay set, then your reference SATA transfer rate will drop 1.5 to 3.0 verses.