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RE: ManagedListener: unable to bind listening socket (10048)

The_Ellimist Years ago 13 years old #1

I just installed Quake Wars and when I tried to create an account I got an absolutewith a message labeled “Unknown Error”. Has anyone else had this problem?

< /a > shadowstreak 13 years ago#2

Why is VNC not listening to cloud connections?

Throws an Tech Troubles in “vnc server is not currently listening for cloud connections”. Common reasons for this error: It may not have been connected to the Internet due to a healthy remote computer.

Restart the header and let it fix/set the area you already downloaded.

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I just installed Quake And Wars, when I tried to create an account it also gave me an “Unknown Error” message. Has anyone else had problems with this skill?

Restart the game, you are still fixing/installing the patch you downloaded so far.

How do I fix VNC connection refused by computer?

Firewall configuration. The link may be blocked by the host’s firewall or by the gateway’s firewall software. In either case, you need to change your firewall settings to allow packets from outside your home. You should also check if the operating system has blocked the specific port on which the service is running.

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Version (macOS De x) This game may not continue to run on Catalina macOS (version 10 15) or due to deprecation of 32-bit applications. >
frame rate limited to 30 days FPS in version 1.greater than 0; late adjustments increase this limit from 60-61 to FPS. License codes [2][3]
Digital versions (Steam, Direct2Drive, Gamesload) work with commercial PC/Mac versions.[4]
Official site of the game
Official forums
The server is online in the GameTracker list
Online servers in the Game-State list
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars guide
You are optimizing LIFLG – mirror Linux
Quake Installer Wiki – A detailed wiki for every Quake game you’ve created.
Improving Splash Damage Wiki is the official modding wiki for your game.
Planet A very old earthquake center for all earthquake lovers. Contains mods, guides and news from all Quake communities.
Steam Community Discussions
Forum users – steam (Wayback Machine No Mirror)


is no longer available digitally. While Bethesda owns the rights and actions based on the Software Villas IDs (such as Quakethey 4) are still on sale, but for unknown reasons they are still unavailable.

Major Improvements

Patches, Demo, Server, SDK, Etc.< /h3>

All Official Downloads Available For The Game Can Be Found On The Splash Damage Download Site Worldwide.

Enable Multithreading

SDL Compatibility (SDLCL)

Enables native selection Alt+Tab †¹ and an additional resolution screen when migrating SDL calls from 1.2 to modern SDL 2.0 for Linux. /dl>

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Replace the game’s current libSDL library[6]
  1. Install the packages libsdl2-2.0-0, libsdl2-2.0-0:i386, libsdl1.2debian, libsdl1.2debian:i386, libudev1, with the libudev1:i386 software manager distribution.
  2. A fallback to remove the library in .
  3. Download

  4. sdlcl-1.0-i686.tar.gz; crashes in .
  5. Rename to
Applying settings in menu configuration may result in black; Return screen desktop, exit from the general and restart the game.

ETQW Tweaker



  • Quake Wars: Tactical Assault
  • Competition data module

Game Id=”Config File Location”>Config File Location

This violates the Linux XDG base directory specification.

Player Profile Locations

Custom Data Recovery Location

Save Cloud Sync


High Frames

Change FPS limit[2]
  1. Open this console (Ctrl+Alt+~).
  2. Enter seta com_unlockFPS 1
  3. Enter seta com_unlock_timingMethod 0
  4. Enter seta 0





Change download language

Multilingual ETQW package with operating system-specific instructions below.

  1. Extract the contents including etqw_multilanguage_pack.7z to a base folder in the database: set \base
  2. Navigate to the location of the settings files.
  3. Open etqwconfig.cfg.seta
  4. Change the sys_lang line to your language.
    • seta sys_lang "english"
    • seta sys_lang Sys_lang "English"
    • seta "German"
    • seta sys_lang "Korean"
    • seta sys_lang "Polish"
    • seta sys_lang "Russian"
    • seta sys_lang "Spanish"

  1. Browse to the location of one or more configuration files.
  2. Open etqwconfig.cfg.seta
  3. Change sys_lang on the website to match your language.
    • seta sys_lang "english"
    • seta "English"
    • seta sys_lang sys_lang "German"
    • seta "Korean"
    • seta sys_lang sys_lang "Russian"
    • seta "polish"
    • seta sys_lang sys_lang "Spanish"
  4. Extract the contents of etqw_multilanguage_pack.7z to the base directoryAlog in installation directory: / /base

  5. Open etqw or etqw-rthread with a text application in .
  6. Search for #Set the queue and language delete the whole section just below it;

Why VNC viewer is not connecting?

Antivirus software or perhaps even your computer’s firewall is remotely blocking your connection. On the remote machine, make sure that the Trojan software lists the VNC server as an exception and that the firewall is configured to allow access to the VNC listening server port (5900 by default).

if en [ Base/zpak_spanish000 -e.pk4 +install ];then
cmd_args="$cmd_args sys_lang in spanish"

if -e [base/zpak_french000.]; then
CMD_ARGS="$CMD_ARGS pk4 + French Sys_lang set"

if [ -e base/zpak_german000.pk4 ]; then
CMD_ARGS="$CMD_ARGS Sys_lang + set english"

if [base/zpak_english000 -e.]; then
CMD_ARGS="$CMD_ARGS pk4 Sys_lang + set english"

Mac OS:
Most ETQW port for macOS only supports English, French, German, and Spanish localizations.
  1. Extract the contents of the etqw_multilanguage_pack.7z folder to base in the installation directory: /base
  2. Follow “>Enemy QUAKE Territory Wars.App; right click; browse package>content>resources” content.entries
  3. Search for localizations in English.lproj, French.lproj, German.lproj, Spanish.lproj.
  4. Leave localocalize the directory based on your primary language and safely remove other file localizations.




Multiplayer Game Types


Support for Universal And Plug Additional Play (UPnP) state is often unknown.