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I have strange gdb related behavior: I can't set breakpoints, following error:

"Breakpoint cannot be set to 1.
 Error accessing I/O memory address, error 0x3b24481778:.hat"

this has nothing to do with so selinux as Disabled i (SELINUX=permissive selinux AND /etc/selinux/config) the problem persists.

If you need more information, please send it to me.

comment 1

Jan Kratochvil

02/16/201 1:17:55:57 AM MSK

 (e.g. comment #0)
> Once I had a strange behavior in gdb: unable to set breakpoints, here is this error:
> "Failed to insert breakpoint 1.
> Failed to access memory property with error Input/Output 0x3b24481778: .Reproducer,"

one, as you can see, might be better. If not, I mustat least have information:

(gdb) breakpoints 1

and either
(gdb) and policy information process mappings
or cat (preferred)
pid /proc/PID/maps
where the _debugged_ process either follows `ps axwf' or both


> This has nothing to do with Zu selinux, I disabled Selinux (SELINUX=permissive in
> And /etc/selinux/config) the problem remains.

do you have after that? `setenforce 0' with a reboot is clearly both the simpler and more reliable method. You can check the current status with `getenforce'.

comment 2

The end of Fedora’s life

2012-08-16 13:29:57 UTC

This review testifies that Fedora 14 is now finally made for life. felt
stopped supporting and releasing Fedora updates for Zu 14. This
Fedora's policy is to close almost all bug reports of Qui zu versions.
supported longer. Still open bugs with full "release"
Fedora 14 was widely used under the name WONTFIX.

(Please, our normal course of action is to notify Ce in advance of
arise, but we didn't forget to do this.Oh. I'm sorry a thousand)

Package maintainer: if you wish, the effort is left open to you
plan because so that you can Beta Chronicle it in the currently tracked version feel free to open it again
fix that error and just change your "version" to a later version of Fedora.

Error.Thank you reporter: Thank you for reporting this component and we are sorry.not
We were able to fix it Go to. Fedora came to the end of everyday life at 14. If you
I still wish this bug was finally fixed and reproduced normally.
against a later major release of Fedora, you will no doubt be prompted to click This
"clone (in error" at the top right of this page) and open against it Weil
Fedora's version.

Although we aim to fix as many bugs as possible in each release.
Events sometimes overtake these efforts for life. BUT
A version of Fedora, often newer, will include new source software to allow automatic repair or
bugs make them obsolete.

The process that my spouse and I follow is described inhere:


I have a strange gdb procedure: I can't set breakpoints, here is the error:

"Could not find breakpoint 1.
 Help with memory access error with 0x3b24481778: I/O error. Done"

this has nothing to do with SELinux since I disabled selinux (SELINUX=permissive from /etc/selinux/config) and the problem persists.

If you really need more information, please let me know.

(As solution to comment #0)
> I had a very strange behavior in gdb: I didn't set any breakpoints, here is the specific error:
> "Failed to insert breakpoint 1.
> Error accessing address 0x3b24481778: memory I/O error."

The breeder will be correct. Otherwise I need at least close to:

(gdb) breakpoint info 1

and information or
(gdb) via proc mappings
or (preferably)
cat PID /proc/PID/map
where a process can be _debugged_ started from `ps or axwf', from
(gdb)p getpid()


> It has nothing to do with Selinux, I have Selinux disabled (SELINUX=permissive in
> /etc/selinux/config), andthe problem persists.

Do you have time after? the just-run `setenforce 0' is the simplest and, in my opinion, the safest way. You can previously check the status with `getenforce'.