How to clear the cache in Windows 10 in three different ways

If you are using Google use chrome, the Three dots menu is only in a specific top area. Jump directly to more software. Select and in the pop-up window select Clear Browsing Data.

Similar to clearing your browser’s cache memory, clearing Windows cache memory is a good starting point for troubleshooting your system, improving your overall system, and freeing up disk space. How to clear the cache in Windows 10

Update 12.11.21: How you can see your PC cache update in Windows 11.

Clear all temporary file caches with Disk Cleanup

To temporarily clear the file cache, navigate to “Disk Cleanup” in the Windows Browser bar located in the bottom four corners of your desktop.

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Select Disk Cleanup, which always appears in Windows search results. Selected,

After Disk Cleanup starts By counting the space, you can safely free the drive of the running product (C:).

Operating Disk Cleanup for System (C:) is now displayed. Scroll down the checkbox and the “Temporarily with a number of files” field. You can also delete other locations when the files you need, such as “Trash”, maybe “Downloads”. €

Once you’ve chosen what you want to remove, click “Clear File System”.

After Windows calculates the amount of disk space you need to free up, you will be returned to the same page. This At once, select all file locations and the second working time you want to delete, then click OK.

A warning will appear asking you to confirm deleting the files permanently. Select Delete Files.

Disk Cleanup now removes unnecessary archives from your computer. This process may take several minutes.

The DNS cache you are clearing

If you want to clear the DNS cache of your new Windows 10 PC, open a command prompt as an administrative command prompt For this, “Command Type Prompt” is located in the Windows search bar in the left bottom corner of the desktop. .

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Is it safe to clear computer cache?

Is it safe to flash a cache app? In short, it’s true. Since the cache stores non-essential information (i.e. files that are never 100% needed for the correct processes of the application), deleting it should not affect the functionality of the application.

Windows command line application appears in search results. Right-click select and from the menu Run as administrator.


You will receive a meaningful message that you have indeed cleared the DNS resolver cache.

Clear Windows Store Cache

To clear the entire Windows Store cache, open Run by pressing Windows + r on your keyboard. The Run window will appear. In the new text box next to Open, format WSReset.exe, then click OK. window

Black will appear once. There is nothing you can do here, so wait a few seconds even if the cache is cleared.

What does clearing the cache a do?

The more information actually stored in the cache, the slower your computer will be when browsing the Internet, which will even increase the performance of your user’s computer. If you clear the received cache data, the new version may well be picked up.

After the window is complete, the cache will be cleared when the storefront is launched. You will often close a Windows app in the store of the desired instance.

Clear location cache

To clear the cache, click the windows icon in the lower left corner Desktop to the desktop, open the start menu. From there select to “gear”, open Windows Settings.

The settings window will appear. Scroll to the cheaper item and select the “Privacy” option.

You are immediately taken to the “Privacy” related group in the settings. In the left pane, select “Location” to find the “Application Permissions” section for.

In the next window, scroll down until you find the “History at a specific location” group. Here, select the “Delete” function from the heading “Device History on Deleting Locations”. How

On a simple topic: Disabling or configuring location tracking in Windows 10

Caching can also force you to connect to a public Wi-Fi network. Learn browser caching affects a page being forced to open on a public Wi-Fi site and how to fix it.


  • You clear my cache on your to help your system work more smoothly and free up disk space. The
  • a cache must be a set of temporary files used by a program or a system startup event.
  • Sometimes the cache can windows slow down your PC or cause other problems. for
  • The temporary files cache is now located on the software cleanup drive. , and explorer history can be cleared from the menu in explorer options.
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How do I resolve a cache problem?

Click the “More Above” icon on the right.
Choose Tools Plus > Clear Browsing Data.
From the Time Level drop-down list, select All Time.
Check the boxes “Cookies others” and “Cached images and data files”.
Click Clear Data.

Windows is full of temporary files that help the powerful working system do its job. Sometimes some file caches can become corrupted or become so large that it will affect the performance of your system.

if you run out of disk space and even disk space, pay attention to the unusual behavior, p%253fskuid%253d6121415″>windows is one of the info you might want to actually clear the cache first.< /p>

In particular, to reset the cache, you need to know only two parameters: temporary files and file browsing history.

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How do I clear my computer’s cache?

open chromeon your computer.
Click “More” on the right.
Click More Accessories. Clear browsing data.
Show period above. To clear everything, select Any period there.
Check the boxes for “Files opposite cookies and other site data” and “Cache of images and files”.
Click Clear Data.

2. Click Disk Cleanup when it appears in the scan results.

3. Make sure drive C: is selected as selected, click OK.

4. Check the box next to “Temporary files”. It is up to you whether other people will check these types of files.