Brazil 3.0 launch

” Brazil 3.0 ” software is a pack of tools, applications and libraries which aims to simplify the work in fields such as scientific research, engineering and digital art.

With Brazil 3.0 you can forget about all the hassles that arise when using commercial rendering systems or working with very large amounts of data in Blender . With this new version it will be much easier to handle different types of projects from simple architectural visualizations to complex VFX simulations. Better yet – you can do so without buying expensive licenses, paying royalties or worrying about render farm dependencies!

The Brazil Rendering system has been around for years but so far was only available for purchase by institutions and large studios willing to invest in its use (the price tag was around $ 20,000 ), but the new version offers many benefits including an open-source library for Blender (BSD license) and other tools which you can get for free.

Brazil 3.0 is one of the main topics of this week’s SIGGRAPH conference in Vancouver , where its developers will present their work during a special session on Wednesday at 11AM (Canada Pacific Time).

Learn more about Brazil 3.0 by reading our interview with Marcos Fajardo , lead developer of the project, available at