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Brazil Rendering System Public Test

Temporarily Offline

Our apologies for any inconvenience - we'll have something back online ASAP

In the early days of Brazil development, the public test and Brazil itself were very closely related.  The two projects have since diverged significantly.  This divergence and all the differences between what we intended as a test-bed application (the Brazil Public Test) and what we ship as a commercial renderer (Brazil r/s) has, especially recently, created a lot of confusion.  We've taken the Public Test version offline for the time being, but never fear, it will be back.

SplutterFish has always wanted to provide some form of a free, high quality renderer to the community.  The last couple versions of the Brazil Public Test were that renderer.  They contain some really cool features, weren't timelocked, and although not intended as a professional-grade production tool, they did provide, for free, some really cool rendering technologies that for some would otherwise have not been available.  We will continue in this spirit just as soon as we have time to decide how to deal with this confusion issue.

As always, we thank you for your time and patience.  We'll have something new posted as soon as we can.

Inquiries regarding evaluations or demos of Brazil r/s should be directed to sales@splutterfish.com and are handled on a case by case basis

- the SplutterFishes