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Brazil Rendering System for 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ

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Brazil r/s is developed for those who demand the highest quality from a renderer.  Designed for use in Film, Broadcast, and Visualization, Brazil r/s' versatile toolkit integrates easily into existing production environments and empowers the artists to predictably and reliably create any look.  Brazil r/s' advanced shading pipeline, extensible architecture, and natural workflow offers unprecedented control and flexibility, giving artists the freedom to focus on the Work, rather than wrestling with the "technology."

Brazil r/s: Flexible and Affordable

SplutterFish offers two packages:  an Artist Bundle and RenderFarm Bundle.  Our license bundles offer individual artists the advantage of rendering over a small network with the same pricing scalability that's usually reserved for larger facilities that use "site licenses."  Production facilities will find their renderfarms will be covered by the purchase of their Artist Bundles, effectively providing free network rendering.  Renderfarm facilities can tool up with Renderfarm Bundles at fraction of the cost of other high-end renderers. 

For example, a small studio can outfit seven computers--1 workstation and 6 network rendering computers--for under $2000.  All our prices are per computer, up to 4 cpu's per machine, not per cpu.

In addition, these licenses are not nodelocked. We offer, at no extra charge, the flexibility of a floating license, which allows license sharing in a multi-computer / multi-user environment.  If you would like further information on Brazil r/s' floating license, please contact SplutterFish.

Commercial Pricing

      Artist Bundle $1200 (USD) - 1 Workstation & 2 Render Node Licenses

The Artist Bundle includes THREE licenses, resulting in THREE computers for rendering. One license, the Workstation-node license, gives artist access to the Brazil r/s GUI.  The other two Render-node licenses may be used for non-GUI network rendering machines.

      Renderfarm Bundle $750 (USD) - 4 Render Node Licenses

The Renderfarm Bundle includes FOUR licenses, resulting in FOUR computers for rendering.  These four non-GUI Render-node licenses may only be used for network rendering. This bundle is geared towards larger facilities that have a farm of computers that are used soley for rendering frames over a network. They cannot be used by the artist to interact with the Brazil GUI.

Institutional (School) Pricing -- 1 Year Licenses

Contact one of our resellers or the SplutterFish sales team for inquiries or ordering info.

School Artist Bundle $250 (USD) - 1 Workstation & 2 Render Node Licenses

School Renderfarm Bundle $150 (USD) - 4 Render Node Licenses

Student/Faculty Pricing -- 1 Year Licenses

Contact one of our resellers or the SplutterFish sales team for inquiries or ordering info.

Student/Faculty Artist Bundle $250 (USD) - 1 Workstation & 1 Render Node License

Licenses are valid for 1 year only, available to verified students and faculty members through educational resellers. Forum support only. Limit one bundle per customer.

Student/Faculty To Commercial Upgrade $950 (USD)

Upgrade pricing is only valid for 1 Artist Bundle.

A node license covers ONE computer with up to 4 CPU’s

Rune Spaans