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Artist Spotlight

Arup 3D Media Group
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Cast and Crew

System Design and Core Development Staff

Scott Kirvan
Chief Executive Officer
 Senior Design Engineer / Visual Effects

Steven Blackmon
Chief Technical Officer / President
Digital Effects Supervisor / Senior Software Engineer

Cuneyt Ozdas
Senior Software Engineer
Technical CG Director / Effects & CG Programmer

Connie Jacobs
Chief Operations Officer
Sr Software Engineer / Sales Support / Marketing

Richard Annema
Director Client Relations
Tech Support / Communications / Scripting

Greg Boyington
Information Technology
Systems Administration / Help Desk / Tools

David Pollock
Director Sales

Testing Crew, Volunteers, and Contributors

Neil Blevins
Blur Studio Inc.
The Orphanage
Robert Boothman
Jeremy Buttell
Irfan Celik
Nick Clark
Dave Dwire
Andrew Harron
Rob Kline
Karen Mason
Alex McLeod
Chris Pember
Dagan Potter
Boyd Shermis
Rune Spaans
Michael Spaw
Chris Thomas
Johan Thorngren
André Richard
Eric Craft
Nathan Reidt
Willi Hammes
Jeff Wilson
Nick Nakadate
Dave Lamb
Mike Deslattes
Terence Krueger
Martin Lykke
Roderick van der Steen
Greg Dale
Fernando Aquilera
Kevin Pazirandeh
Tassos Ringas
Gabriele Protti

Special Thanks

to our families and friends who often pay the price for our passion, and everyone at Blur, for their seemingly endless encouragement, patience, and indulgence.