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Getting Help

Official support for registered owners of our commercial product(s) is handled through the registered user's  personal account pages.  Community support for our free software and the plug-ins given away by BlurBeta is provided through the following resources:
  • General help with free plugins from SplutterFish: Try Browsing our public WebBoard
  • If you just have a quick question, try the #Brazil_r/s chat - you'll need a java enabled browser - connecting may take a few seconds.
  • Help with installation and getting started:  Try reading the install.txt file, if that doesn't help, ask for help on the SplutterFish webboard *, the max webboard *, or the #Brazil_r/s chat.
  • The FAQ
  • Search the SplutterFish and Brazil rendering system website - with google *
    •     WWW  SplutterFish.com
  • Tutorials / Examples - www.neilblevins.com *
If all else fails, you can try sending email to contact@SplutterFish.com - we are very busy, and though we don't intentionally ignore our email,  sometimes tech questions get lost in the shuffle or take a while to reply to. Thanx for you understanding and patience.

Chris Pember