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2017-04-04 We have tested some of the best performing gaming laptops of 2017
If you’re big into gaming, you’re going to need technology that can keep up with you, read more here
2016-01-02 Why graphics are important in high limit slots
Aesthetic graphics in slot machines is absolutely vital for a great player experience, read more here
2016-10-17 Keeping track of data and expenses
Every entrepreneur needs a way to track data, read more here
2016-08-29 Zen-Relaxation with the Help of Graphics
Interesting input on how graphics can relax your mind, read more here
2016-08-02 Sound or graphics
Check out our article here
2016-07-16 Augumented reality dating is coming
Read all about it here
2016-07-15 R/s research for a great future
New research papers on rendering systems available. Check them out here
2016-06-22 NetEnt happy with Splutterfish services
NetEnt casinos using Brazil r/s for slots. More information here
2016-06-18 Approaching reality in online gambling
Breaking news in the integration of Caesars virtual reality systems. Read the full article here

2016-06-01 Brazil r/s considered one of the most powerful rendering systems in recreation niche
Brazil r/s award-winning rendering system for online casinos. Read more

2005-10-18 Brazil r/s available for 3dsMax R8
SplutterFish's Brazil Rendering System v. 1.2, an advanced, fully-integrated rendering suite for Autodesk's 3ds Max® software, is compatible with 3ds Max 8, the latest version of Autodesk's top-selling 3D animation software. Registered Brazil r/s customers may download all Brazil r/s versions R3-R8 from their SplutterFish online accounts.

2005-09-13 Update - MaxOpenEXR v1.0.1 and RPManagerBrazil v3.223
We've uploaded the latest version of MaxOpenEXR - v1.0.1. In addition, an updated Brazil r/s-specific version of RPManager is available free of charge to SplutterFish's clients from their FishMarket Accounts.
Read the DevBlog post

SEATTLE, WA (August 11, 2005) – SplutterFish LLC, a leading high-end 3D rendering software solutions provider announced today that Frantic Films, a visual effects company with offices in the US and Canada, has placed a large order for Brazil r/s, SplutterFish's award-winning 3D rendering suite, to be the primary rendering backbone in its new large-scale production pipeline. Early Brazil r/s adopter Frantic Films will increase its reliance on Brazil r/s based on its own in-house benchmark testing where Brazil r/s blew past its competitors as the clear choice for rendering performance and high return-on-investment. Read the full release.

2005-08-09 SplutterFish Announces Brazil Rendering System™ 2.0 -- Performance Rendering Tools for CG Artists
SEATTLE, WA (August 9, 2005) - SplutterFish LLC, a high-end 3D rendering software solutions provider, today announced that the Brazil Rendering System™ Version 2.0 for Autodesk® 3ds max® and VIZ™, the newest version of its highly-praised 3D Rendering software, was shown for the first time publicly at the international SIGGRAPH Exhibition in Los Angeles, CA (August 2nd-4th 2005). It is slated for release in Fall 2005. Read the full release.

2005-07-22 Buzz - Brazil r/s key to look development in Shark Boy And Lava Girl
vfxblog has posted an interview with The Orphanage's Kevin Baille, who discusses thier work on Shark Boy And Lava Girl. "Ron Lussier, the look development artist for the Ice Monsters, was able to pull some pretty sweet tricks using Brazil's flexible lighting and material options...Robert [Rodriguez] was very pleased with the end result, and so were we!" Read the full article.

At SIGGRAPH 2005, SplutterFish LLC, a high-end 3D rendering software solutions provider, will team up with The Orphanage and leading software manufacturers, including Autodesk Media and Entertainment (AME), McNeel and Associates, and Archvision, at booths around the convention show floor. Read the full release.

2005-05-31 Buzz - Use the Brazil r/s, Luke - Brazil r/s used in latest Star Wars installment
VFXWorld are running part two of a three-part series on the VFX of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, focusing no the digital environments - some of which made possible through the use of Brazil r/s, as John Knoll explains.

2005-05-20 Gopher Broke - Show and Tell
Gopher Broke, the Academy Award® Nominee rendered using Brazil r/s is currently being showcased at Discreet's Show and Tell

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