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Purchase Details

Brazil r/s may be purchased either through our international nework of resellers or directly through our secure online SplutterFish Market. The SplutterFish market accepts Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Bundle Descriptions: 

Commercial Pricing

      Artist Bundle $1200 (USD) - 1 Workstation & 2 Render Node Licenses

The Artist Bundle includes THREE licenses, resulting in THREE computers for rendering. One license, the Workstation-node license, gives artist access to the Brazil r/s GUI.  The other two Render-node licenses may be used for non-GUI network rendering machines.

      Renderfarm Bundle $750 (USD) - 4 Render Node Licenses

The Renderfarm Bundle includes FOUR licenses, resulting in FOUR computers for rendering.  These four non-GUI Render-node licenses may only be used for network rendering. This bundle is geared towards larger facilities that have a farm of computers that are used soley for rendering frames over a network. They cannot be used by the artist to interact with the Brazil GUI.

Institutional (School) Pricing -- 1 Year Licenses

Contact one of our resellers or the SplutterFish sales team for inquiries or ordering info.

School Artist Bundle $250 (USD) - 1 Workstation & 2 Render Node Licenses

School Renderfarm Bundle $150 (USD) - 4 Render Node Licenses

Student/Faculty Pricing -- 1 Year Licenses

Contact one of our resellers or the SplutterFish sales team for inquiries or ordering info.

Student/Faculty Artist Bundle $250 (USD) - 1 Workstation & 1 Render Node License

Licenses are valid for 1 year only, available to verified students and faculty members through educational resellers. Forum support only. Limit one bundle per customer.

Student/Faculty To Commercial Upgrade $950 (USD)

Upgrade pricing is only valid for 1 Artist Bundle.

Floating Licensing

Brazil r/s uses a convenient floating license that handles license issuance in a multi-computer/multi-user environment.  A floating license allows many artists to access and share a Brazil r/s license from any computer on a local area network.  License availibility on the LAN is determined by the current availablity of the number and type purchased (i.e. when one artist is finished using Brazil, the license will automatically become available for use by another artist on the LAN).


Please take a moment to review the End-User License Agreement before you purchase.  By using Brazil r/s, you are agreeing that you have read and accepted the End-User License Agreement. 

Online SplutterFish Market Details

The url to our secure online SplutterFish Market is:

The SplutterFish Market accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Before you purchase online, make sure you have your credit card ready along with the correct billing address for the card.  This will be necessary for credit card verification.  If alternative payment arrangements are required, such as check or bank wire transfer, please contact SplutterFish, and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Client Account Pages

Once the sale is completed, you will be directed to your SplutterFish personal account page where you can download the floating license software and instructions for licensing Brazil r/s.  After you run the license software on your designated license server, we will generate and email you a software key within four business days (usually within one day).  Upon receiving your software key, you will be able to download Brazil r/s and will have access to Brazil r/s documentation and support links.  We also welcome you to the Brazil r/s registered users web forum and the Brazillians mailing list for community discussions and support.

As we continue developing Brazil r/s, we will provide updates and bug-fixes in point releases. These are conveniently distributed and made available on your SplutterFish personal account page.

If you have any questions about Brazil r/s' capabilities email us with your questions at [email protected]

We thank you for your patronage and we welcome you to the Pond!