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Zen-Relaxation with the Help of Graphics – Battle Addiction Using Rendering Software

Many of us tend to believe that we know how to relax properly – just zone out at the end of the day, maybe watching TV or lay down and read a book. And while there is no harm in doing that, there is no great benefit either, because the activities that we think relax us, do not do anything to activate the body’s relaxation system. Considering the busyness of our lives, the constant influx of information and problems piling upon problems, it does not take long for us to begin to spend our days feeling like we are wading through quicksand. It is the effect of chronic stress and exhaustion, which makes it imperative that we learn how to relax and meditate with the tools at our disposal, including technology.

Less stress – more energy

Constant stress and chronic exhaustion often lead to the desire to escape. In many situations, this can lead to a person becoming addicted to a substance, to alcohol, or an activity like gambling. Addiction in turn, has the power to take over a person’s life and wellbeing. It is the reason why psychiatrists, therapists and psychologist recommend meditation and relaxation techniques to their patients. Moreover, proper meditation and relaxation methods can help prevent relapse episodes in problem gamblers and substance abusers, as well as help people battle depression - which in turn, is often the psychological reason lying behind a person’s substance abuse and gambling problems. Depression and stress cause chemical changes in a person’s body, reducing their natural dopamine levels (dopamine is a chemical our brain releases when we feel good) because of increased levels of cortisol (stress hormone). Activities like gambling can activate the release of dopamine in our brains, and many people who suffer from depression often turn to gambling as a result. Click here for more information about problem gambling.  


How the human body responds

Our bodies, on the other hand, are naturally equipped with a relaxation response, which we can activate with relaxation and meditation techniques. Stress can be very physically demanding on the body, which is what leads us to feeling constantly exhausted. And while it does not take special skills to learn how to relax properly and activate our relaxation response system, it does take some time. In a perfect scenario, half an hour during the day is enough to minimize our stress levels. This is the reason why meditation and relaxation are excellent tools to help battle addiction.

One of the best relaxation techniques are mindfulness meditation techniques. These techniques help activate your relaxation system by focusing your attention on something visual – fire, beach waves, pouring rain, or other relaxing images. Today, with the advancements in graphics and technology, you do not need to leave your home or build a fire to implement these techniques in your daily life. All you need is a proper graphic rendering system, a variety of calming images, animations and videos, and a comfortable position. These techniques are highly beneficial because they make you focus on a repetitive image or animation, which is very calming. In the initial days once you start, you might find yourself falling asleep, which means that these visual renderings can be used to help falling asleep.

Only positive effects

There are many benefits from relaxation techniques. Once you start practicing them, you will notice changes in your daily life. You will be more energized, and have no difficulty in completing tasks which were previously a source of stress. Additionally, you will be able to think faster and become more productive, which in turn will enable you to exert greater control over your emotions, impulses and cravings. It is the reason why relaxation techniques are highly beneficial for recovering addicts, as they can help them exert greater emotional control, and help them manage their withdrawal symptoms and prevent relapsing back into old habits.

What is really important in visual mindfulness techniques is the quality of the rendering. For example, if the image the person uses to relax is that of beach waves, high quality rendering, accompanied with proper sound effects is needed to achieve the same effect as if the person was really relaxing on a beach. On the other hand, if the rendering is not high quality and cartoonish in nature, then the effect might not be as good, and the relaxation technique will not work to its fullest potential.

How CGI technology helps

However, today, there are advancements in graphics technology which can achieve this. One of the best rendering systems today which can be used to achieve realistic rendering is the Brazil R/S. The rendering system offers high quality images, animations and video. It can be used in creating the exact image that a person needs for relaxation, and offers plenty of texturing and animation techniques which can represent beach waves, water ripples, rain or snow, in any background. It is very compatible and any types of sound effects can be added to the accompanying animation or video. It has various shading capabilities, tools and lightning systems mean that you can use to create images that occur in the light of day, or at night under the moonlight. For example, one of the most calming mindfulness meditation focus animation is that of falling snow under moonlight, which can be created perfectly and realistically with Brazil R/s.

As a rendering system, it has plenty of other properties. With it, one can create ambient lightning with genuine light from the animation of fire, and have the image be bright enough so increasing the brightness of your screen is not necessary. Despite that, with Brazil r/s one can create cartoonish images, and be highly creative, because the nature of its tools and properties give complete freedom to the user and do not limit their imagination in every way. This means that you can images and animations to help you meditate that you are not be able to see in nature, like for example the rotation of the earth during the day, or sun rays breaking over the surface of an ocean, as the water gently flows, as if you’re lying on the bottom of the ocean.