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Have you been playing with RPManagerBrazil? Left you wishing for more, didn’t it ? That’s what I thought – and so did Grant Adam.

Exclusively to registered Brazil users of RPManagerBrazil, Grant Adam of RPManager.com is now offering a special upgrade price from RPManagerBrazil to RPManager Full for only $200 (USD); A $100 savings!
You’ll find a link to the special purchasing page on your Account page under the RPManagerBrazil download.

Thanks once again to Grant Adam for this amazing opportunity!
If you’re not aware of the differences yet, here’s a comparison page between the Full version and the Lite version (Lite supports renderers besides Brazil r/s) :
Speaking of renderpasses – have you seen the new renderpasses document on your Account page ?

It is one of 15 new documents/tutorials in the updated Examples Guide, as steadily added to over the past few weeks. More documents are to follow, so drop by regularly!
( And, by solitary request, you’ll notice that the Render Passes document has a style selector in the top-right. This will be copied on over to all other documents by yours truly, so that you can view the page in the style you / your eyes prefer. )