How to fix the Windows Store cache may be corrupted

It opens blank, freezes, or doesn’t load/update any apps at all. applications, even those that worked fine before, refuse to start or continue to crash. Then the Store Cache Troubleshooter may return a malicious.much error

Looks like there’s still work to be done, but don’t lose hope just yet. In this article, we offer 3 simple and quick solutions that will help you solve your annoying problem.

Windows Store Patches Can Corrupt The Cache

Before embarking on these types of fixes, make sure your PC’s time, date, and timezone are generally correct.

  1. Reset the Windows Store cache
  2. Create a new Windows Store cache folder
  3. Install Microsoft Fix Store

new 1: Reset This Specific Windows Store Cache

According to the error email, the problem often occurs when the Windows Store cache can become corrupted. By resetting the Windows Store cache, we can unlock the app cache and hopefully fix the problem going forward.


Press the firm key on windows allx keyboards possibly at the same time, then wsreset select.exe and press Enter.Alt=””

2) Wait for the full reset of the Windows Cache Store to complete.

5) png, check if the Windows Store Cache Error is corrupted. If yes, then yes! great, please fix 2 below.

Create 7: Fix New Store Cache Folder In Windows Store

Sometimes an error occurs just because Windows can’t recognize your store from the program.The corrupted cache folder. it If so, you need to create a new Windows Store cache folder. With

1) click On a better keyboard, critically click on the Windows logo and enter the user. click face=”opensans_bold, Users”.

2) Copy paste the WindowsStore suggestion, paste it into the search package and double click Microsoft.WindowsStore_8wekyb3d8bbwe.

3) Double click LocalState if check cache folder as received .in:

  • If yes, rename it to file cache.old. Create a new folder associated with the Name-it cache. Close the window.
  • If you don’t, create a new folder and name it Cache. Close the window.>


Solution 3: Reinstall The Microsoft Store

If the problem persists, you may need to reinstall the Windows Store to clean it of bacteria.

Reinstalling will remove your login credentials (i.e. windows. i.e. credit card t store account, i.e. your Microsoft account). To reconnect you are trying to remember or you need an account (click here to create).

1) On this keyboard, tap applications such as the main logo and the Windows logo. Then click and functions”.

2) Copy and paste the Microsoft Store field into “A”. Then click “Store Options” microsoft -> “Advanced”.

4) Check your computer and whenever the problem is long gone.Would you like to

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Everyone is assumed to be familiar with the Windows Store. This is the In Microsoft store where you can find many free and paid apps. However, when using My, store Windows can sometimes have problems accessing Store apps in the face area. One of the common problems that one might encounter is a corrupted Windows Store cache. If you’re having problems with Windows Store apps, this Windows Store apps troubleshooter can usually fix the problem.

The troubleshooter runs on your system to identify issues that might be preventing apps or the App Store from working on Windows 10 systems. Once detected, the troubleshooter tries to fix the problem automatically without user intervention, which requires additional methods. However, the troubleshooter sometimes displays the message The Windows cache may be corrupted. What can be done in case?

Step This To Fix The Windows Store Cache Error, You May Be Damaged

If you are requesting a potentially corrupted Windows Store cache when troubleshooting the Windows Store, you may need to reset the Store and/or Windows Cache folder in the Application Catalog. The troubleshooter is very polite when it comes to finding the problematic Windows Store cache, but it’s all useless if you help fix the problem. Troubleshooting only serves to diagnose the problem. You must find an improvement. we’ve provided a couple here that might come in handy.

Reset Windows Store

  1. To clear the Windows Store cache, open the system32 folder and look for The wsreset.exe. Right click on it and select “Run as administrator” name.

2. The application resets Windows without damaging your own installed applications or settings. on windows autopilot will open the Windows Store after the reset is complete. This should take you to the store, and windows will select it.

Cache Folder In Explorer, Applications

Open then copy the following path, pasteGo to File Explorer’s address bar and type: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Packages\ Microsoft. WindowsStore_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState

If Windows is installed on a different drive, always replace “c” with the root of the drive followed by the name of the person using your credit card account. Also replace the text with the username, preferably with the associated account.

Check the localstate folder to see if you can find the cache directory. When you’ve done that, rename it “cache.old”, then create a new empty folder and name it “cache”.finish

Please close File Explorer and restart your computer. Therefore, restart after using the troubleshooter for Windows Store apps. This time, he must recognize the problem and solve it naturally. Reboot the system, and you will open the windows. This method should work even for a local account.

Windows Store May Become Corrupted Windows 10 Issue Fixed

One of the two methods above should probably be enough to solve your problem, because you haveNo more Windows Store memory cache issues that couldn’t be corrupted and fixed in Windows 10™. corrupted cache. If you’re using the Store Cache with Windows, use one of these methods to see if you can fix the problem.