CHANGE LOG — OMERO 5.5.0-rc1 Documentation

This section is for developers fixing system bugs. If your company encountered this page while troubleshooting, here are some helpful resources:

  • Windows Update errors: Troubleshooting help with Webfix Zone Update.
  • Windows activation failed: Check your copy of Windows.
  • Troubleshooting the cyan screen error To find the cause of the stop error.
  • Microsoft Support: Get help with your Microsoft product.
  • Other Ways To Find The Actual Error Code

    In this section, we have listed system error action codes, ordered by number… If you need more help confirming a particular error, here are some other suggestions:

  • Use Microsoft Debugging Tool.
  • Install the debugging tools as you would for Windows, download the dump backup folder, then run the command !err .
  • Search the Microsoft Logs website for plain text or an error code. For more information, see [MS-ERREF]: Windows error codes.
  • Third Party Error Codes

    Other error codes may be generated by the Back Again Party Services applications or (for location, error code: -118 may be generated by Steam game service), but in such cases you should contact us on the third-party support line . Error

    System Codes

    System error codes are very extensive: each of them can appear in the model in several hundred places in the system. Therefore, the descriptions associated with these codes cannot be unique. The use of these codes requires a little research and analysis. Pay attention to the programming and execution context and these errors will also occur.

    Because those codes are indeed defined in WinError. To help everyone, codes are sometimes repaired by non-system software. And sometimes this code is returned as a problem deep in the stack and further away from the code that handles the error.

    The following sections provide detailed information about system error codes. These prices are defined in the header file WinError.h.

  • System error codes (0-499) (0x0-0x1f3)
  • System error codes (0x1f4-0x3e7)
  • System error codes (500-999) (1000-1299) (0x3e8-0x513)
  • System error codes (1300-1699) (0x514-0x6a3)
  • System error codes (1700-3999) (0x6a4-0xf9f)
  • System error codes (4000-5999) (0xfa0-0x176f)
  • System error codes (6000-8199) (0x1770-0x2007)
  • System error codes (8200-8999) (0x2008-0x2327)
  • System error codes (9000-11999) (0x2328-0x2edf)
  • System error codes (12000-15999) (0x2ee0-0x3e7f)
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  • Problems with security certificates may indicate an attempt to deceive you or intercept the data you send to the server.

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    If you landed on this page by clicking on a resource, check the website address in the address bar frequently to make sure it's the one you expected. If you are accessing an Internet site with an address such as, try adding "www" to that address, If you choose to ignore this error and continue, you will not enter personal information on the main page. m website. For more information, see "Certificate Errors" in Internet Explorer Help.

    After you actually click "Continue in this online store" (not recommended), nothing will happen.

    This issue occurs when the SSL website your company is trying to visit is near a zone with more restrictive permissions than the Internet zone, a kind of intranet zone.

    A delayed fix is ​​now available from Microsoft. However, it is only intended to resolve the issue that is described in this article. Apply it only to methods for which this problem is indicated. This fix can pass many more tests. Therefore, if this problem does not concern you at all, wait for the next service pack containing this fix.

    To resolve this issue immediately, contact Microsoft Customer Support to obtain a fix. For a complete list of Microsoft customer support phone numbers and support pricing information, visit the following Microsoft website:
    Note. The custom support fees that are typically charged for support calls may be waived if a Microsoft Support Specialist determines that a particular update resolves your issue. The standard support fee applies to additional support topics and issues not covered here for a particular update.

    Important fixes for Windows Vista Windows and Server 2010 are included in the packages themselves. However, only one of these products can be listed on this patch request page. Request the hotfix package for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2007, respectively. Just select the product that should be listed on the page.

    For more information and strategies, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    950067 A certificate error webpage appears when trying to visit an SSL website, and also when using Internet Explorer 7: "There must be a problem with the alarm certificate from this website"

    California Proposition 65 Warning. This techMedicine can expose you to chemicals that contain formaldehyde, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and nicotine, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other causes. Technical damage.

    Here you can find other important warnings about the BIDI® wand.

    5.5.0-rc1 (May 2019)¶

  • Design: Using Bioformats 6.1.0
  • build: use release versions of omero-* dependencies
  • 5.5.0-m7 (May 2019)¶

  • assembly: remove unused client jar
  • Assembly: use bioformats 6.1.0-m1.
  • 5.5.0-m6 (April 2019)¶

  • build: use omero-gateway instead of omero-blitz
  • build: move, you can omero-* restore repositories
  • Internet: date display
  • Internet: delete or third place in ome.viewportImage.js
  • cli: disable frontend indexing
  • 5.5.0-m5 (April 2019)¶

  • Verify: and fix update tests after migrationWasp.
  • Internet: remove deprecated call methods
  • Web: Delete Apache Configuration
  • doc: fix broken links after migration
  • 5.5.0 M4 (March 2019)¶

    New plugins such as Allow omero-artifact-plugin restrict standard templates.
    Code in software building blocks of unrelated repositories. Probably it will
    latest version where all dependencies are released together
    with the same day. Subsequent publications will be separated from the work.
    Client repositories such as omero-insight and omero-matlab.

    5.5.0 M2 (December 2018)¶

    This release focuses on deprecation of Java Top and Ice 3.Do 5

  • Web: Tag dialog is not split when browser font size is set to large.
  • Internet: Disable refresh button when existing boost is running.
  • Server: move graph requests from clients to background threads.
  • 5.5.0 M1 (November 2018)¶

    This release focuses on improving the desktop shopper to make it easier to integrate with third-party concepts such as r. ImageJ/Fiji. The desktop client can now do offline imports with ome-smuggler.
    Also, it improves the sharing of the web system when OMERO is open to our own audience.
    and includes some useful command line interface enhancements.

  • Statistics: allow data import using ome-smuggler
  • Insight: On the login screen, indicate that you can use the session ID to login in this situation.
  • ImageJ Insight-ij Plugin: Improved output of ROI and metrics.
  • Internet: improved support for key users
  • Server: Don't set all TrustStore properties if empty
  • cli: improved error reporting when importing data points to CLI command.
  • cli: show empty log files clearly when running diagnostics
  • cli: recovery error when running config load which returns a directory instead of a specific file
  • cli: Added ability to remove keys including map annotations.
  • JavaGateway: Added helper method to manage ROI masks.