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   News - Brazil r/s available for 3dsMax R8
   Update - MaxOpenEXR v1.0.1 and RPManagerBrazil v3.223
   News - SplutterFish Announces Brazil Rendering Systemô 2.0 -- Performance Rendering Tools for CG Artists
   Buzz - Brazil r/s key to look development in Shark Boy And Lava Girl
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Version 1.2 of the award-winning Brazil Rendering System is now available for 3ds max 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and AutoDesk VIZ 3, 4, 5 and 6. Click here to learn more about the industry's revolutionary new rendering solution.

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SplutterFish has a long history of providing free high-quality production tools to the cg community. We maintain all our own software, the indispensible BlurBeta toolkit from Blur Studio, and the SplutterFish OpenEXR plugin for reading and writing high dynamic OpenEXR files into 3ds max. Visit out downloads section for the latest free sofware and plugins, including the new Rio Edition of Brazil r/s.

SplutterFish supports a vibrant community throught moderated online forums, email lists, live online chat, and additional resources for both the general public and our registered users. Registered users of our full-featured commercial software have access to their own private account pages where they can get access to software updates, access to free casino spins no deposit and other VIP promotions, live support, documentation and tutorials, and more.
See the incredible work being produced by the many artists using Brazil. A large collection of Brazil rendered imagery is available in our online gallery. Check out the latest artist spotlights to get a view into the experineces of the artist using Brazil r/s. For a more eclectic collection, visit the image uploads section in our forum.

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   Pixar - Brazil r/s 1.2 boosted our rendering processes with tremendous speed bursts
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   HBO - We've used a great varity of products from Splutterfish throughout the years, and we will keep using them for a couple more decades.
   Rodent control dallas - We have an app for which we needed a cg renderer. For this, Brazil r/s was above all else.
   Entrepreneur - every now and then we try out techonologies for our ads. Splutterfish gives us great freedom to be creative best we know.
   business coach Melbourne - Our video ads have had their impacts drastically improved since we started using Splutterfish's rendering systems. If you are serious about your business, they are defenitely worth checking out.
   Blue Curve SEO - We use Brazil r/s for every single one of our high end projects, be it mocking up designs in a higher defenition or rendering videos.